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The Extra Pharmacopoeia, Chandar Mukerjee, Medicine, دی ایکسٹرا فارماکوپیا, چندر مکھر جی, طب,

 The Extra Pharmacopoeia, Chandar Mukherji, Medicine, دی ایکسٹرا فارماکوپیا, چندر مکھر جی, طب,  اکسٹرا فارما کوپیا مولفہ بابو نگندر چندر مکرجی میڈیکل افسر دہارپور  ڈسپنسری آف دی آنرایبل راجہ رامپال سنگھ صاحب بہادر ضلع پرتابگڈہ اودھ۔  اول مرتبہ 1897ء، جلد 500، میڈیکل پریس آگرہ  میں بااہتمام کار پردازان مطبع چھپایا گیا۔ Government of India constituted Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia committee in 1962, to work on the preparation of monographs which gives a clear picture on standards like identity, quality, purity safety, and efficacy profile of different parts pharmacopeial as well as extra pharmacopeial drugs. We are supposed to follow the same methodology of existing drugs in the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia, which describes drugs in terms of their pharmacological principles (Rasa Panchaka) like the taste (Rasa), qualities (Guna) Potency (Veerya), Vipaka (metabolic transformation) and Action (Karma) etc., the Same methodology must be used to evaluate extrapharmcopieal drugs. There are numerous single