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Hasil Ghat, Bano Qudsia, Novel, حاصل گھاٹ,بانو قدسیہ,ناول,

 Hasil Ghat, Bano Qudsia , Novel, حاصل گھاٹ, بانو قدسیہ ,ناول, The novel will appeal to those who are dissatisfied with American life or who prefer the traditional life of the subcontinent to the modern Western way of life. In this novel, a man goes to America to meet his daughter Arjumand and sits on the balcony all day and remembers his past. This novel is based on the memories, thoughts, reviews, and comments of the storytellers. It seems that Banu Qudsia wrote many short articles or newspaper columns and then combined them to name a novel. Bests writing beyond the level of normal IQ. HISTORY PHILOSOPHY ROMANCE REALITY all in one book.she surprises the reader every time.. Bano Qudsia engage her readers very well. force them to think and concentrate.. time taking novel. Download