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Al-Qanoon fi Tibb, Ibne Sina, Medicine, القانون فی الطب, ابن سینا, طب, اردو,

 Al-Qanoon fi Tibb, Ibne Sina , Medicine, القانون فی الطب, ابن سینا , طب, اردو, The Canon of Medicine (Arabic: القانون في الطب ‎ al-Qānūn fī al-Ṭibb; Persian: قانون در طب ‎ , Qanun-e dâr Tâb) is an encyclopedia of medicine in five books compiled by Persian Muslim physician-philosopher Avicenna ( ابن سینا , Ibn Sina) and completed in 1025. It presents an overview of the contemporary medical knowledge of the Islamic world, which had been influenced by earlier traditions including Greco-Roman medicine (particularly Galen), Persian medicine, Chinese medicine and Indian medicine.   The Canon of Medicine remained a medical authority for centuries. It set the standards for medicine in Medieval Europe and the Islamic world and was used as a standard medical textbook through the 18th century in Europe. It is an important text in Unani medicine, a form of traditional medicine practiced in India.   Title The English title The Canon of Medicine is a translation of the Arabic title القان