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Ibn-e-Adam, Bano Qudsia, Novel, ابن آدم, بانو قدسیہ, ناول,

 Ibn-e-Adam, Bano Qudsia , Novel, ابن آدم, بانو قدسیہ , ناول, The son of Adam passes three types of tests day and night. But he doesn't learn a lesson from one of them First exam His age daily It's getting less And the day he gets less than his age he doesn't even care about it And when his wealth decreases something, he is worried about it. While the mall comes back And age does not come back. Second exam Every day he is praying to Allah Eats livelihood If he is halal then There will be a question about this And if it is forbidden, it will be punished. And that is the result of the calculations. Don't know about it rd exam Everyday he somewhat It gets closer to the Hereafter. And he goes a little far away from this world Yet He does not care for the lasting hereafter as much as He cares for this mortal world. While he still doesn't know that his return is to the highest heaven. The depression of fire has become deep.. O Allah, do not make this world the biggest gri