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Nimra Ahmed (Complete Name: Nemrah Ahmad Khan Niazi, نمرہ احمد خان نیازی) born 23rd October 1980 in Bhakkar, is a popular Pakistani novelist, columnist, and author. Nimra Ahmad Niazi belongs to Niazi family. He started writing at a very young age. Nimra Ahmed has made millions of fans in a short time and at a very young age, but it was not easy. It took him a lot of struggle and time to achieve this position.


The name of Nimra Ahmed is considered among the famous and well-known writers of contemporary Pakistan. Nimra Ahmed is the shining star in the sky of Urdu literature which is shining very high and has been shining for a long time. The brightness of this star is increasing day by day and she is rapidly reaching the heights of success.


Nimra Ahmed started writing in 2007 and her first novel "Mere Khawab Mere Jugno" (میرے خواب میرے جگنو) was serialized in monthly “Shuaa Digest”. While experimenting with the genre of novel writing, Nimra Ahmed spent so much time cultivating this genre that she has so far written more than seventeen novels. Writing a novel is just still going fast. Nimra Ahmed's pen is not only limited to novels but she has also written many fictions and novelettes.


All the novels of Nimra Ahmed have become popular among readers and readers of all ages have read her novels. His novels "Jannat ke Pattay" (جنت کے پتے), Namal (نمل), Halam (حالم) etc. were not only liked but the lessons contained in it were also incorporated by the readers in their lives.


Nimra Ahmed has been speculated to write novels by taking ideas from English or suspense novels, but the way she includes references to the Quran in her novels and draws readers to Quranic injunctions is not a pattern of English neither in suspense novel.


Novels and books


Mere Khuwab Mere Jugnoo

Saans Saakin Thi

Pahari ka Qaidi

Beli Rajpootan ki Malikah

Karakarum Ka Taaj Mehal




Jannat Kay Pattay [10]


Husn e Anjam (Non Fiction)


Nimra Ahmad Books Read Online

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