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Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah

Ustaaz-ul-Hukama (استاذ الحکماء) Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah was born in the year 1904 AD in the town of Ruri (روڑی), District Sirsa (سرسہ) in the United Punjab. Back to back, knowledge of medicine, knowledge of religion and writing and compilation are the identity of your family. His father Maulana Muhammad Sulaiman (مولانا محمد سلیمان) was famous as a physician and preacher of Islam. Maulana Sulaiman was undoubtedly a perfect saint and a supporter of the Islamic movements of India.


The number of your works is more than twenty. Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah was a disciple of Maulana Khairuddin Sarasvi (مولانا خیر الدین سرسوی). He also acquired knowledge from late Hakeem Ajmal Khan's (حکیم اجمل خان) teacher Hakeem Abdul Wahab Ansari(حکیم عبد الوھاب انصاری) known as Nabeena Sahib (The Blind Nobleman) for some time.


In 1923, at the age of nineteen, he wrote his first book "Khawas Phatkari" (Properties of Alum, خواص پھٹکڑی) for the treatment of all diseases with a cheap drug like alum. He founded a publishing house called “Darul-ul-Kutab Sulaimani” (دارالکتب سلیمانی) in a remote area like Ruri after the publishers of Lahore refused to print a book for a novice.


By 1946, about 60 medical books were published by his pen and became popular, both general public and specialists. The number of your published and unpublished books (which remained in India due to partition) is around 140.


In 1934, the “All India Unani and Ayurvedic Medical Conference”(آل انڈیا یونانی و آیوویدک کانفرنس) established by “Masih-ul-Mulk Hakeem Ajmal Khan” (حکیم اجمل خان) and comprising of the most prominent Unani and Ayurvedic practitioners, declared these books as a great addition to Greek medicine and gave encouragement by awarding a first class certificate and a gold medal to the distinguished author. He was the first medical writer to receive this unique honor. After the partition of the sub-continent, he migrated from his native home and settled in Jahanian district of Khanewal, Punjab and here 6 books of series of properties were printed under the name of “Maktaba Sulaimani” (مکتبہ سلیمانی). However, due to unfavorable economic conditions, he temporarily granted the publishing rights of the books to Sheikh Muhammad Ashraf Tajir Books Kashmiri Bazaar Lahore (شیخ محمد اشرف تاجر کتب، کشمیری بازار لاہور).


In Jahaniyan(جہانیاں، پنجاب), your office was a reference point. Throughout his life, he maintained his skill with pen and paper and he was engaged in the promotion of Unani and Ayurvedic medicine.


As a great orator, his speeches were very pleasant and effective, he had a personal relationship with most of the religious and academic elites of Pakistan. His love for books was inherited, his library containing more than 10,000 rare books was one of the unique private libraries in India. He was so fascinated by books that despite the unfavorable conditions after the establishment of Pakistan, within a few years, “Sulaimani Library, Jahanian” (سلیمانی لائبریری، جہانیاں) collected 80,00 books۔


In the works of Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah, Kunz-ul-Mujarbat (, کنز المجربات A wealth of experience) is one of the most popular, evergreen and useful general medical book of the 20th century. Since the publication of its first volume in 1925, it has been sold in the number of about one million. It is difficult to find a precedent for the sale of a medical book even close to this. What is in this book? And how effective and useful are his prescriptions? Needless to say. Without exaggeration, millions of people have benefited from it since its compilation.


There is hardly any school in the Indian sub-continent that does not use a prescription from Kunz-ul-Mujarbat (کنز المجربات). Thousands of people have expressed in letters and public meetings that thanks to this book, they became interested in medicine and learned Hikmat as a profession.


In 1968, the Pakistan Medical Board headed by the late “Hakeem Muhammad Hasan Qureshi” (حکیم محمد حسن قریشی) visited the entire East and West Pakistan for the registration of Ayurvedic Practitioners. After the completion of the visit, the members of the Medical Board came to Jahanian and gave Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah the title of “Ustaz-ul-Hikama” (استاذ الحکماء, Great Teacher of Medical Practitioners) and said that "all over Pakistan, we asked the eastern medical practitioners during the interview which medical books they usually use?" The answer of ninety percent was, "Hakim Muhammad Abdullah's Kunz-ul-Mujarbat (کنز المجربات)".


Apart from this, Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah's Kanz-ul-Murakkabat (کنز المرکبات, A Treasure of Compounds), Kanz-ul-Mufradaat (کنز المفردات, The Treasure of Singular), as well as “Asaan Gharelo Ilaj” (series of easy home remedies آسان گھریلو علاج), “Muft Ilaj” (free treatment, مفت علاج), “Gharelo Ilaj” (home treatment, گھریلو علاج), “Phalon se Ilaj” (Treatment from Fruits, پھلوں سے علاج), “Phoolon se Ilaj” (Treatment from Flowers, پھولوں سے علاج), etc. are famous and sought after. Your writings are free from uncommon sense and especially Arabic and Persian precise and complicated medical terms. Valuable collection of information, the presentation is very smooth, interesting and charming. This is the reason that not only medical professionals but also ordinary educated people and housewives can benefit from your compilations.


Some of these books have been translated into English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages. Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah's fame in the academic world is due to his stinginess. You have recorded thousands of rupees of rare, expert and presidential prescriptions in your books for the benefit of the coming generations by saying that "The Real Sustainer is God and considering your knowledge and prescriptions as sustenance is equivalent to shirk."


About his series of works, Hakeem Sahib writes that "The main purpose of the books I wrote before the establishment of Pakistan was to serve the people." But at the same time, he also considered them as a source of employment, but now the main purpose of writing books is to serve God's creation and get his pleasure.”

According to him, the aspect of profit is only so much that no one has to worry about spending the remaining days of his life.


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