Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf


Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf

Hafiz Salahuddin was Born In 1945 In India In The City Of Jaipur. 

Salahuddin's father Hafiz Abdul Shakur Was Not A Scholar but He memorized The Quran and would like the company of  scholars, sit in their gathering and get benefited from them.

He studied from Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Jaypuri, The author of  "Haqiqat-ul-Fiqh" and had learned the translation of the Quran from him. He named his son Muhammad Yusuf after him and afterwards when he became an author, he put the name "Salahuddin" instead of "Muhammad" and probably because Salahuddin Ayubi’s name was Yusuf, and hence he choose this combination of name.

In 1949, 2 Years after the partition the partition his family moved to Pakistan, first to Hyderabad (Sind) and afterwards Karachi. His father Hafiz AbduShakur had 6 brothers and he was the only Ahl e Hadith of his family. 

Afterwards, when his brother Abdul Qayum became Ahl-e-Hadith and also migrated to Pakistan, and his elder brother Abdul Ghani also moved to Pakistan, but his other 3 brothers remained in Indian city Jaypur, Rajshtan.

When he was in India, whenever Hafiz Abdul Jabbar Kandehlwi used to come to Jaypur, he would stay at Hafiz Abdus Shakur’s residence. When they migrated to Pakistan, Hafiz Abdul Jabbar’s son Qari Abdu Khaliq Rehmani was residing in Karachi and would come to visit them frequently.

 Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf was around 10-11 when his family moved to Karachi and he started his studies there in Masjid Rehmaniyah. Hafiz Salahuddin  Yusuf memorized the Holy Quran in 1 year from Qari Muhammad Ishfaq who was from the Deobandi school of thought. Afterwards Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf started to study Dars Nizami in Jami Al-Ulum As-Su’udiyah in which Hakim Ali Dehlwi was Sadr Mudarisin. This Madrasah after moved to Safeed Masjid (White Mosque) Soldier Bazar and was named Dar Al-Hadith Rehmaniyah and its president was Shaykh AbulWahab, who was the son of Shaykh Ata Ur-Rahman. Sheikh Ata-ur-Rehman had established Dar-ul-Hadith Rehmaniyah in Delhi so his son named this Madrasah in Karachi in the memory of his father’s Madrasah name.

During his studies there for 2-3 years with studying the books of Dars Nizami, Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf used to read many magazines such as Tajalli Deoband, Chiragh Deoband, Faran Karachi, Sayarah Lahore, Tarjuman Al-Quran Lahore, Mithaq Lahore, Raheeq Lahore, daily Shihab Lahore, and weekly Asia Lahore. Likewise he had the favor to read books of Masood Alam Nadwi, Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Abdus Salam Nadwi, Qazi Suleman Mansurpuri, Shibli Numani, Sulayman Nadwi, Shaykh Mawdudi. His teachers and mentors from Jamiyah-ul-Uloomm Sudiyah  Shaykh AbdurRahseed Nadwi Ad-Daakhi is the one who encouraged him to read a lot as he himself graduating from Nadwah had a great fervour to read a lot.

Afterwards Hafiz Salahdin Yusuf went to Lahore and joined Dar Al-Ulum Taqwiyatul Islam of which Shaykh Dawud Ghaznawi was the head, and Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq, Hafiz AbdurRasheed Goharwi and AbdurRasheed Mujahidabadi were teachers. There he would also benefit from Shaykh Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani whose Makatabah Salafiyah was next to the Dar Al-Ulum Taqwiyatul Islam.

During his studies in Dar Al-Ulum Taqwiyatul Islam, he started to write some articles. His wrote his first article on topic of "Jashan Milad Nabi" and it was published in “Al-Itisam”. His second article was on journalism in Pakistan and it was published in Al-Itisam. His third article was in two parts in Al-Itisam in defense of views by  Ahl-e-Hadith against objections of Molana  Amir Usmani, the director of Tajalli Deoband.

His first book was entitled “Khilafat se Mulukiyat tak” which was the compilation of a series of his article published in Al-Itisam refuting the book “Khilafat wa Mulukiyat” of Shaykh Mawdudi. Many of these Salahuddin's articles were published in the form of the book under the advise and guidance of Molana Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani. 

When Molana  Ataullah Haneef Bhujiyani took back the charge of Al-Itisam magazine, in 1970 Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf helped him and likewise his nephew Muhammad Sulayman Ansari and his son Hafiz Ahmad Shakir became a part of the team that issuing and running Al-Itisam magazine but after some time, Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf became the editor of the magazine. Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf worked as the director of Al-Itisam for 15-16 years up to the death of Shaykh Ataullah. After death of Shaykh Bhujiyani, Hafiz Salahuddin working for Al-Itisam and attached to it for some time. . In total he was attached to Al-Itisam for approximately 24 years and in this period, he wrote many articles, editorials, presentation of books, biographies and others. This material is in many thousands of pages.

After leaving Al-Itisam, Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf became attached to Maktabah Darussalam established by Shaykh Abdul Malik Mujahid. Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf stayed four months in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the office of Darussalam where he started to write his Tafsir “Ahsan-ul-Bayan”, which he completed after returning to Lahore where he had been working their office on Lower Mall Road, Lahore.

Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf was the head of the research department of Darussalam Lahore. The Quranic Tafsir "Ahsan-ul-Bayan" was published with the translation of Sheikh Muhammad Junagarhi and this Tafsir became very popular. Governemnt of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has chosen this translation for printing to be distributed freely to pilgrims by King Fahd Complex, but after Hanafi ulamas complained that it has confusing laymen who are Hanafi, it was again compiled and slightly summarized that has been translated by Darussalam in English in 5 volumes entitled “Tafsir Ahsan-ul-Bayan".

Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf also did a translation of the Quran with Shaykh Abdul Jabbar, which was published in the Tafseer “Ahsan-ul-Kalam” of Dr Mohsin Khan, and also in “Maani Al-Quran Al-Kareem”, a word for word translation published by Darussalam.

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