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Elf Shafak was born in Strasbourg, France. She is one of Turkey's leading writers and is now known worldwide for his beautiful fusion of the East and the West. 

According to critics, she is a distinctive voice in contemporary Turkish literature and world literature, expressing herself in both English and Turkish. 

Elf ShafaK, who speaks both Turkish and English, also regularly writes articles in many journals and newspapers including Habertürk, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Times. He is also a political commentator and public speaker.

She is also a political commentator and public speaker. Translations of his books have been published in more than forty-seven countries. She has published fifteen books so far, ten of which are novels. After graduating from Middle East University in International Relations, he did his PhD in Political Science.

She has been teaching in different institutions in Turkey, England and America. Elf Shafak's first novel "Pinhan" was awarded the Rumi Prize in 1998. This award is given for the creation of the best mystical literature in Turkey. He gained international fame with his novel "Mehrem" (محرم) and his next novel "The Forty Rules of Love" (عشق کے چالیس چراغ). The subjects of his writings have been women, minorities, immigrants and their problems, diverse cultures, cultural politics, history, philosophy and especially Sufism. She advocates feminism, identity and freedom of speech in her novels.

"Chalis Chirag Ishq Ke" is the Urdu translation of his novel "The Forty Rules of Love" which was written in Turkish as "Ask". The story of the novel revolves around Sufi poet Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and Sufi Dervish Shah Shams Tabriz. The Urdu translation of Alif Shafaq's novel "Honour" has been published as "Namoos".

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