Tareekh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu, Masood Hussain Khan, Linguistic, تاریخ زبان اردو, مسعود حسین خان, لسانیات,

 Tareekh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu, Masood Hussain Khan, Linguistic, تاریخ زبان اردو, مسعود حسین خان, لسانیات,

Tareekh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu, Masood Hussain Khan, Linguistic, تاریخ زبان اردو, مسعود حسین خان, لسانیات,


There are many different theories about the origin of Urdu, these theories are contradictory to such an extent that one gets confused. These popular theories have one thing in common that they base the origin of Urdu on the arrival of Muslim conquerors in the Indian subcontinent. And the main argument is that the Urdu language started with the arrival of the Muslim conquerors in India and the interaction with the local people and the impact and impact on the local language. And a new language emerged which was later called Urdu. Some linguists have tried to trace the origin of Urdu to the time of the ancient Aryans.


However, it is difficult to say anything conclusive about the origin of Urdu language. Although the researchers of Urdu language agree that Urdu originated after the arrival of Muslims, there are differences in determining the place and nature and deriving the results. If we look at the ideas related to Urdu in this way, they come before us in the form of four different ideas.


Naseeruddin Hashmi traces the Urdu language to the Deccan. Their main argument is that long before the rise of Islam, Arabs used to come to the Malabar coasts of India for trade purposes. In the field of trade, their relations were definitely with the local people, and in everyday conversation and transactions, they must have faced language problems. On the basis of this combination and mixing and correlation, Naseeruddin Hashmi formulated the theory that the language which was declared as a common medium of expression between the Arabs and the local people of the Deccan in this ancient time is the early form of Urdu.


اس کتاب  تاریخ زبان اردو (Tareekh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu) کی میزبان محفوظ شدہ دستاویزات کی تنظیم  arvhive.org ہے جہاں سے مندرجہ ذیل کڑیاں ملائی گئی ہیں اور اس کتاب کو اجازت نامہ Public Domain Mark 1.0 کے تحت تقسیم کرنے کا مکمل اختیار ہے۔ لائسنس کے کسی مسئلے یا معلومات کی صورت میں متعلقہ میزبان تنظیم سے رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں۔


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تاریخ زبان اردو

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Masood Hussain Khan

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