Punjab main Urdu, Mahmood Khan Shirani, Linguistic, پنجاب میں اردو, محمود خان شیرانی, لسانیات,

 Punjab main Urdu, Mahmood Khan Shirani, Linguistic, پنجاب میں اردو, محمود خان شیرانی, لسانیات,

Punjab main Urdu, Mahmood Khan Shirani, Linguistic, پنجاب میں اردو, محمود خان شیرانی, لسانیات,



Hafiz Mahmood Sherani based on his deep linguistic studies and solid research bases has established the theory that Urdu originated in Punjab. According to him, Urdu originated during the period when Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and Shahabuddin Ghori were repeatedly invading India. As a result of these attacks, the permanent government of the Persian-speaking Muslims was established in the Punjab, and these conquerors remained here for about two hundred years after the establishment of the Delhi government.


In this long period, the basic structure of the language took shape. In proof of the validity of this theory, Shirani Sahib has presented the words of many poets of this region. In which the beginning of a new language is seen with the influence of Punjabi, Persian and local dialects.


Muslims ruled the Punjab, which included present-day Frontier Province and Sindh, for about two and a half centuries. In 1193, the Muslims advanced towards Delhi with the armies of Qutb-ud-Din Aybak and after a few years, the Muslims occupied the whole of North India. Now, instead of Lahore, Delhi got the status of Dar-ul-Khilafah, so this language, which had attained the status of colloquial language by that time, must have traveled towards Delhi along with the Muslims.


Professor Mahmood Shirani's argument about the origin of Urdu has a lot of weight that such an international language can emerge during the Ghaznavid period, which dominated for one hundred and seventy years.


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Punjab main Urdu

پنجاب میں اردو

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Mahmood Khan Shirani

محمود خان شیرانی



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8.70 MB

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