Fatawa Azizia, Abdul Azeez Dehlvi, Fiqh, فتاوی عزیزیہ, عبد العزیز دہلوی,فقہ,


Fatawa Azizia, Abdul Azeez Dehlvi, Fiqh, فتاوی عزیزیہ, عبد العزیز دہلوی,فقہ,

Fatawa Azizia, Abdul Azeez Dehlvi, Fiqh, فتاوی عزیزیہ, عبد العزیز دہلوی,فقہ,


The two volumes of Shah Abd al-Aziz's religious and scholarly gems, "Fatawa Azizi", are the essence of his scholarly knowledge and the treasure of his religious knowledge, jurisprudence, aqeedah, interpretation, interpretation, and Sufism. Scholars and students of all sections of the Islamic nation and seekers of truth can benefit from the collection.

This wealth of knowledge containing research answers to Shariah rulings and strange religious issues is a clear proof of your knowledge.


During his time, Shah Sahib was always engaged in the teaching and teaching of the Indian Muslims, ifta and fasl, and their education and training, besides, answering a wide range of questions of the Muslims is a strong proof of his perfect expertise in all external and internal sciences. Fatawi Azizi is based on the topics of Tafsir and Interpretation, Beliefs and Sufism, Khilafah and Fiqh, in addition to a few magazines.


In the era when the sun of the Mughal Empire was setting in India, the sun of knowledge and grace and research and ijtihad rose in the same era, with the light of which not only the land of India; Rather, the entire world of Islam became enlightened. That is, Hazrat Shah Wali Allah was born happily. When Shah Abdul Aziz was seventeen years old, his father Hazrat Shah Wali Allah Muhaddith Dehlavi died (3). From the age of twenty-five, he started suffering from various diseases and remained confined to it till the end of his life. Despite many diseases at an early age, Shah Sahib kept the market of teaching and teaching warm throughout his life and was appointed as his father's successor.




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نام کتاب، Book Name

Fatawa Azizia

 فتاوی عزیزیہ

مصنف، Author

Abdul Azeez Dehlvi

عبد العزیز دہلوی



صفحات، Pages


حجم، Size

132.60 MB

ناشر(ان)، Publisher(s)


مطبع، Printers




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