Tauheed, Shehla Rani, Monotheism, توحید, شہلا رانی, توحید,

 Tauheed, Shehla Rani, Monotheism, توحید, شہلا رانی, توحید,


Monotheism, trust within the sight of one god, or in the solidarity of God. In this manner, it is perceived from polytheism, the trust within the sight of various heavenly creatures, from wariness, the conviction that there is no god, and from free-thought, and the conviction that the presence or nonexistence of a heavenly being or of heavenly creatures is dark or strange. Monotheism portrays the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and parts of the conviction are unmistakable in different various religions.


Monotheism and polytheism are much of the time considered in rather straightforward terms — e.g., as just a mathematical difference between the one and the many. The historical backdrop of religions, nonetheless, demonstrates numerous peculiarities and ideas that ought to caution against distortion in this. There is no great explanation to expect, for instance, that monotheism is a later improvement throughout the entire existence of religions than polytheism. There exists no verifiable material to demonstrate that one arrangement of conviction is more established than the other, albeit numerous researchers hold that monotheism is a higher type of religion and thusly should be a later turn of events, expecting that what is higher came later.


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Shehla Rani

شہلا رانی



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4.30 MB

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