Al-Muhannad, Khaleel Ahmad Saharunpuri, Critics, المہند, خلیل احمد سہارنپوری, تنقید,

 Al-Muhannad, Khaleel Ahmad Saharunpuri, Critics, المہند, خلیل احمد سہارنپوری, تنقید,


Al-Muhannad, Khaleel Ahmad Saharunpuri, Critics, المہند, خلیل احمد سہارنپوری, تنقید,

A questionnaire compiled by Hussam al-Haramain Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan and the fatwa of Sunni scholars of different schools of thought of the Haramain Sharifs on it is infidelity. This fatwa was published in Arabic and Urdu by Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan in 1906. In it, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, founder of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi, Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, Khalil Ahmad Anbahtwi, presented the statements of various books as insolence, and sought a ruling on them.[1][2] [3][4] On which the scholars of Makkah and Madinah issued the order of disbelief and wrote confirmations and comparisons.


It was later signed by 268 scholars of the subcontinent. After the publication of this book, appropriation of Deobandi and Barelvi started in the subcontinent, which later gave birth to two schools of thought, Deobandi and Barelvi school of thought. After that Hussain Ahmad Madani and other Ulama of Deoband together compiled a booklet in their sanctity, in which they gave a summary of their beliefs and got it confirmed by some Ulama of Haraman. Presented their beliefs wrongly in front of them, but the Barelvi scholars did not accept it, because they objected that you should refer to the statements on which we have issued a fatwa.


Although Ahmad Raza Khan had expressed his strong criticisms and disagreements with various parties, including the Twelver Shias and the Nadvat-ul-Ulama, however, as far as Takfir was concerned, he officially declared it in 1902 and again in 1906 by Hussam al-Haramain. By writing, he defamed some specific persons. Although he used the term Kafir several times during this period, he did not use it for a specific person or in other words did not specifically blaspheme anyone.







اس کتاب المہند (Al-Muhannad) کی میزبان محفوظ شدہ دستاویزات کی تنظیم ہے جہاں سے مندرجہ ذیل کڑیاں ملائی گئی ہیں اور اس کتاب کو اجازت نامہ CC0 1.0 Universal کے تحت تقسیم کرنے کا مکمل اختیار ہے۔ لائسنس کے کسی مسئلے یا معلومات کی صورت میں متعلقہ میزبان تنظیم سے رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں۔


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Khaleel Ahmad Saharunpuri

خلیل احمد سہارنپوری



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