Sharah Diwan-e-Ghalib, Nasir Dehlvi, Poetry, شرح دیوان غالب, ناصر دہلوی, شاعری,

 Sharah Diwan-e-Ghalib, Nasir Dehlvi, Poetry, شرح دیوان غالب, ناصر دہلوی, شاعری, 

Ghalib's significance in Urdu is the same as in Hafiz Shirazi's Persian. Just as Hafiz Shirazi is the greatest poet of Persian ghazal poetry, Ghalib is the imam of Urdu ghazal poetry, but if Ghalib's prose is included, he may be a few steps ahead of Hafiz. Ghalib is the most read and understood poet in the Urdu language and he has been understood the most.


It is the most printed. Although Ghalib was proud of his knowledge of Persian, he gained fame for his Urdu poetry, which he called "Beyrang Man". The book under consideration is the rate of the Diwan Ghalib which is explained according to the radeef. In which they first recite the poem, then untangle the difficult words of this poem, then unravel the complex of the article and discuss every aspect of the poem. Hence, this is an excellent rate to understand Dewan Ghalib which is a great gift for Urdu lovers and readers of Ghalib. Keep in mind that due to the popularity of Kalam Ghalib, many people have rated these Kalams. Nasir Dehlvi has done the rating.


Nasir Dehlvi wrote in his Attribution in this book:


I dedicate this Sharاh Diwan Ghalib to my Mentor Mr. Syed Salim Shahjahanpuri, Syed Mukhtar Ahmad Shahjahanpuri, my elder brother Syed Muhammad Ishaq Khan Shor, my beloved Begum Fatima bint Muhammad Zakaria, my beloved mother Rasheeda Begum, my father Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, my three sons. It gives me great pleasure to be associated with I pray that Allah Almighty forgives my Makhdoom Mukhtar Shahjahanpuri and my late parents and grants them a high place in heaven and allows everyone to follow the paths of His pleasure.”;

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