Raat Ki Roshni, Zaheer Babar, Novel, رات کی روشنی, ظہیر بابر, ناول,

 Raat Ki Roshni, Zaheer Babar, Novel, رات کی روشنی, ظہیر بابر, ناول,

Raat ki Roshni (رات کی روشنی) is a social novel that deals with the upper class of the society. It has drawn a detailed map of the lifestyle of people of this class and their relationships with each other, how the rich strive to keep their social status high.

These were the days when the club lights accompanied the falling night, alcohol was not forbidden by law, the laughter of British officers and their ladies was safe in the high carved ceiling of the club and the dance hall floor was covered by provincial heels. The excitement was still there, dancing was still happening in those days, but the glamor of it was gone, but the swirling colors of the club still rivaled the rainbow.


Meno had come holding Najib's arm, and like Sawan's ghata, she had fallen on the club, a beauty that was not available to a beautiful woman. Its beauty could not only be seen but also felt.

When she laughed, it seemed as if the morning sun had spread over the blossoming mustard field and the dew drops on the flowers and leaves had started to shine like pearls. I sat in a corner of the club and wondered for several days, what is the extra beauty of her beauty that distinguishes her from the most beautiful women in the club?

Her laugh, the way her hair was flipped into a crown, the slight slouch that rose and dipped on her right cheek when she spoke, or the way she said t and t with her tongue under her teeth. Did you come and save? But such things could not be lost in everyone's heart.

I saw her eyes, big and bright, oozing with confidence, the depth of which could only be gauged by those who had met his eyes for a while. I thought it was her eyes that captivated everyone. Then I saw her lips, like a beveled ruby, her lower lip was a little heavy.

The author of Raat ki Roshni (رات کی روشنی) has depicted this novel in such a way that when the reader starts it, he does not get bored till the end of the novel. He is feeling the scenes narrated in this novel like a movie itself.


رات کی روشنی, Raat ki Roshni

نام کتاب, Book Name

ظہیر بابر, Zaheer babar

مصنف, Author


مترجم, Translator


صفحات, Pages

9.10 MB

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ایڈیشن, Edition


ناشر, Publisher


مطبع, Printers

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