Dhanak, Sadiq-ul-Khairi, Short Stories, دھنک, صادق الخیری,افسانے,

 Dhanak, Sadiq-ul-Khairi, Short Stories, دھنک, صادق الخیری,افسانے,

Dhanak, Sadiq-ul-Khairi, Short Stories, دھنک, صادق الخیری,افسانے,

I have known Sadiq-ul-Khairi (صادق الخیری) since he was born. My and his family's roots go back two generations. My grandfather Deputy Nazir Ahmad's brother-in-law Hafiz Abdul Wahid and Hafiz Abdul Wahid's son Allama Rashid-ul-Khairi (راشد الخیری) whose grandson is Sadiq Al-Khairi. Thus, Sadiq Al-Khairi is my younger brother because he is more or less ten years younger than me, so his childhood, his boyhood and his youth are all in front of my eyes.


Dhanak (دھنک) is one of his best collection of short stories.


In our family, training is more important than education. Sadiq-ul-Khairi (صادق الخیری) was also trained on the same principles: "Feed the goldfish, but look with the eyes of a lion." This was the rule in the noble families of Delhi.

Shahid Delvi wrote about short stories Dhanak (دھنک)

“In my opinion, the long short story Nashiman, written in the stories of islands, is the masterpiece of Sadiq-ul-Khairi   (صادق الخیری). It shows his amazing art. It is a long romance which is devoid of cheap romanticism. This legend is an untouched piece of art due to its uniqueness. It is a joyful song that rises from the instrument of life with a special swell. All the subtleties and nuances of the melody are prominent in this song. But it is Raga Deepak, from the ends of which flames leap out and burn the musician to ashes.

This legend is about burning and love, which along with love burned beauty to ashes, but this burnt dust does not become a path, it becomes a black eye. And gives light to vision along with vision. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, I cannot write in detail about this masterpiece and other legends of Sadiq-ul-Khairi   (صادق الخیری), but there are a few pointers that will hopefully help you understand these legends and the author of the legend. “

Shahid Ahmed Dehlvi

10th of June, 1943, Delhi



Dhanak, دھنک

نام کتاب, Book Name

Sadiq-ul-Khairi, صادق الخیری

Author, مصنف

First, اول

Edition, ایڈیشن


صفحات, Pages

27.80 MB

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Saqi Book Depot, Delhi, ساقی بک ڈپو دہلی

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Mehboob-ul-Mutale Electric Printing

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