Armaghan-e-Yasrib, Nazar Muhammad Seyal, History, ارمغان یثرب, نذر محمد سیال, تاریخ,

 Armaghan-e-Yasrib, Nazar Muhammad Seyal, History, ارمغان یثرب, نذر محمد سیال, تاریخ, 

In the Battle of Uhud 625 AD, it is mentioned that when the Quraysh of Makkah attacked Madinah, Prophet Muhammad came from the city with seven hundred companions. When Prophet Muhammad reviewed the army, there were some young children in it who were sent back. But it was a sign of the bravery of these children that when they were asked to go back due to their young age, they would request desperately to be given a chance to go to the battlefield and fight the enemies.


Among these children was a young man named Rafi bin Khadij (رافع بن خدیج). When he was told that you are short in age, he stood on his paws to make him taller. Seeing his passion for Jihad, Prophet Muhammad allowed him to enter the field.


After that, it was the turn of another youngster, Samra (سمرہ), who was also Rafi's age, but he was not allowed. He submitted to Hazrat Muhammad, "I can defeat Rafi, so if Rafi is allowed to fight, I should be allowed too."


He prepared to wrestle with Rafi and when they both Samra defeated Rafi. Now he also got permission and he happily joined the fighters.


Quraysh did not only harass Hazrat Muhammad, but every person who accepted Islam became a target of their cruelty. These new converted Muslims were laid on hot sand and stones were placed on their chests, iron was heated in fire and burned on their bodies, their property was taken away from them and their businesses were boycotted. These people would bear all the sufferings but would not turn away from Islam.


Similarly, when Hazrat Khabab (خباب) converted to Islam, Quraysh beat him severely. Coals were burnt and smothered on the ground and they were laid on top of it. A man stood with his foot on his chest so that he could not change his crotch. Even their backs were burnt.

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