Home Girl, Novel, Nemrah Ahmad, ہوم گرل, نمرہ احمد, ناول,

 Home Girl, Novel, Nemrah Ahmad, ہوم گرل, نمرہ احمد, ناول,

Homely Girl

My name is Haneen Yusuf and I am an ordinary girl. Once upon a time I considered myself a special girl but then life taught me that the joy of being normal is different. Now I like being ordinary girl and now I like all the things that today's intellectuals say are ordinary girl jobs. I think you must know my grandfather. He explained to me the definition of an ordinary girl. Ordinary girl means home girl. But what exactly is a home girl?

People have a different view on this than I do. If I ask someone who is a ordinary girl, the answer will be

"She who prepares food quickly as soon as the guests arrive. Who knows how to make ten types of chutneys and jams and who can make delicious bread".

Not everyone can become a home chef, but every girl should try to become a home girl. This book of mine is the story of my journey. How I journeyed from a fragile little girl to a home-warmer and what I learned along the way. Because being a home girl is not a talent. Neither is it an option that the one who wants to become and the one who doesn't want to can't become. Whether a girl lives in America or in Pakistan, she should come across everything that is being told in this book. You must have noticed that some girls are ahead in everything during the happy and sad occasions in the family. They can handle all the arrangements with full responsibility and some girls are sitting on the chairs with their mobile phones. Which girls do the elders of the family like more?

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