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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Gao Baan, Short Stories, Premchand, گاؤ بان, افسانے, پریم چند,

 Gao Baan, Short Stories, Premchand, گاؤ بان, افسانے, پریم چند

Gao Baan – (گاؤ بان)

There are rainy days, the month of Sawan, the sky is covered with golden clouds. It starts raining incessantly. It is now three o'clock, but it seems as if it is evening. A swing is hanging in the mango orchard. Girls are swinging and so are their mothers. Some girls are swinging and two or three girls are waiting for the swing. Someone sings while waiting and someone stands silently.

This season brings back memories of childhood in the heart of beautiful girls. These fountains seem to wash away the worries of the heart. Everyone's heart is full of aspirations. Clothes as if we are getting colored by the greenery of thoughts. At the same time a hawker came and stood near the swing. Seeing him, this swing stopped. Everyone came and surrounded him. Hawker opened his box and took out the glittering objects and started showing them. There were raw pearl jewelry, raw lace and beads, colorful socks, beautiful watches, children's toys, and a variety of bugles and whistles. Everyone started picking their favorite things.

A girl with big wide eyes liked what stood out the most among these glittering objects. It was a turquoise sandalwood necklace. "How much is this necklace?" asked the mother of girl to the hawker. Hawker said while cleaning the necklace with a handkerchief. "The purchase is worth twenty. Give me what you want."

"It's too expensive," said the mother. "After couple of days, it will lose its shine."۔

Hawker nodded meaningfully and said, "Sister, in couple days, your daughter will get the real sandalwood necklace." Mother's heart was touched by these compassionate words and she bought the necklace.


There was no end to the joy of this forgetful girl. Perhaps a diamond necklace would not have made her so happy. Wearing it, she used to dance all over the village. The most precious and dearest thing in her possession was the chestnut necklace.

Munshi Din Diyal


Munshi Din Diyal lived in a small village in Allahabad.He was not farmer, but he did farming. He was not landlord, but he used to do zamindari. He was not police officers, but he was police officers. He was the mukhtar of the landowner. He was famous in the village. They had four helpers, one horse, several cows and buffaloes. The salary was five rupees, which was not enough even for their tobacco expenses, but there was some blessing in it that they lived a noble life.


Jalpa was his girl, earlier she had three other brothers but at that time she was alone. Someone would ask him, "Where did your brother go?" So she would simply say, "They have gone to play far away." Mukhtar beat up a poor farmer so much that he died within a week, and within a year, Munshiji's three boys were murdered. Since then, the poor people were very comfortable. Now this girl was the life support of her parents.

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