Doodh ki Qimat, Short Stories, Premchand, دودھ کی قیمت, افسانے, پریم چند,

 Doodh ki Qimat, Short Stories, Premchand, دودھ کی قیمت, افسانے, پریم چند,

Premchand - Doodh ki Qimat - پریم چند - دودھ کی قیمت

 Doodh ki Qimat” (دودھ کی قیمت) - The price of milk and eight instructive and effective fables.

Now in the big cities, doctors and nurses are all seen, but in the villages, the maternity center is still under the authority of the Bhangis, like in the olden days. And there is no hope of improvement for a long time. Babu Mahesh Nath was the landlord of his village and was also educated. They also recognized the need for reforming the maternity centers in rural, but what about the practical difficulties and hurdles. Even if a nurse agreed to go to the villages, she would have asked for more compensation. Then Babu Sahib could not think of any other plan except to leave with his head bowed.


“Kusam” (کسم) - About a year ago, one day I was going for evening airing when I met Mr. Shatar who is an old friend of mine, very frank and lively and resides in Agra. He is a happy poet. I have participated in his speech many times. I have not seen such annihilation in poetry before. His profession is lawyer, but he is always immersed in his thoughts. As he is an intelligent man, he gets to the bottom of the matter easily. Sometimes there are cases in court.

“Pehla Khat” (پہلا خط) – First Letter - My lord, it has been a week since I came here, but my eyes do not blink. The whole night passes by changing the curves. Again and again I think that I have committed such a mistake that you are punishing me. You can scold me, curse me, insult me, I will bear everything but it kills disbelief. I stayed with you for a week. My God knows what my desires were in my heart and how anxious I was all day long like a waterless fish.


“Ikseer” (اکسیر) - After becoming a widow, there was some bitterness in Buti's mood. When she was overwhelmed by household problems, she used to say blessings to her heavenly destiny. “You left this world and left all these troubles for me. Why did you get married when you had to go so soon?” If Boti wanted, she would have married someone else.


“Idgah” (عید گاہ)- Eid has come today after thirty days of Ramadan. What a beautiful and colorful morning. Smile like a child. There is some strange greenness on the trees, some strange splendor in the fields, and some strange atmosphere in the sky. Look how lovely today's sun is as if it is greeting the world with the joy of Eid. There is a lot of walking in the village, there is a rush to go to Eidgah. No one has buttons so the needle is going to take the thread. One's shoes have become hard by softening them with oil and water. Hurry up and give the oxen some water, it will be late to return from Eidgah. A  60 km walk then meeting hundreds of relatives. It is not possible to return before noon. The boys are the happiest, some kept a fast until noon, and some did not. But they have their share in the joy of going to Eidgah. Fasting will be for adults and the elderly persons. Eid is only for children. I used to miss Eid every day, today it came. Now it is too early to ask why Eid Gah does not go.


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