Bhatka Hua Raahi, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novels, بھٹکا ہوا راہی, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,

 Bhatka Hua Raahi, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novels, بھٹکا ہوا راہی, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,

This book you're about to grow has a slightly different flavor. In the books that you have read till date, I have exposed the enemies of Pakistan with honesty and my best efforts. I have tried to show you the side of the picture that we don't like to see. Despite knowing that we cannot avoid the cat's danger by closing our eyes like a dove to the bitter facts. Bhatka Hua Raahi is part of my mission. This is the story of the snakes in the sleeves who never hesitate to sting the motherland. This is the story of those blood-drinking leeches who come forward in a different form and are quenching their thirst by sucking blood from the corpses of the nation.

These bloody beasts who appear before us in the form of highly respected human beings have many names. There are many references, there are many identities. Perhaps the secret of his survival till date is that he never limited himself to one form. Over time, these werewolves change the mask on their faces so that they cannot be identified.


For 45 years, these bloodthirsty beasts have been squeezing blood from the veins of the zealous and naive people of Pakistan. They have licked off our traditional values ​​and traditions.


Today, even though we have lost half of our country due to their black deeds, the thirst of the priests of this black goddess is not being quenched. And these barbarians are shining their shop of politics by making Pakistanis fight against each other under the guise of hideous slogans of hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy۔

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