Alao, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novel, الاؤ, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,Bonfire,

Alao, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novel, الاؤ, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,Bonfire,

Alao is a novel of different flavor. You know I never restricted myself to any particular subject.

Alao is proof of that a writer's life is perhaps complete in self-understanding. Those who are committed to understanding world society are enviable. No one can know how many emotions human life consists of. Dividing life into only boxes of hate and love is an abuse of God's blessings. Are we not victims of both love and hate at the same time? And don't we have different conditions at the same time?


A supernatural being can claim that he is the perfect or perfect human being, whereas an ordinary human being cannot consciously make such a claim.


Love makes life beautiful, but this passion also makes life miserable. A disease which apparently has no name or form but like a termite hollows out the green tree of life from within and forces it to lick the ground. Alao is a tragic tale of love. Every sentient being can feel something.

Because sometimes in life, we feel the bitterness of this passion, even if only for a short time. Alao is not only a love story but also a social tragedy. Such tragedies would be visible to you in our white-clad households because whatever the writer writes is his intellectual innovation, it is distilled from the society itself.


People who are obsessed with turning their backs overnight, who look for a short cut, lead them down a path of humiliation and destruction that ends in the depths of underworld. The unfortunate thing is that despite knowing all this, man is still worried about doing all this. Even knowing the end of this effort, the tune of becoming the fuel of this fire is riding on it. What kind of opposition is that even a human being!

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