Afghanistan Par Kia Guzri, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novel, افغانستان پر کیا گذری, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,What happened to Afghanistan,

 Afghanistan Par Kia Guzri, Tariq Ismail Sagar, Novel, افغانستان پر کیا گذری, طارق اسماعیل ساگر, ناول,What happened to Afghanistan,

In Afghanistan Par Kia Guzri, the author has mapped the political and geographical changes of Afghanistan that have taken place in the last forty to fifty years. 9/11 shook the whole world. This is the bitter truth that everyone knows. Which cannot be denied in any case. Regardless of why this accident happened? What was its background and what were its motivations and most importantly is this stated truth really what America is telling the world? Or the truth is something else and something else is lurking in the background?  Are the investigative reports, films, books, articles that tell us that 9/11 was an operation from within America false? Which was properly planned and which then reaped multi-purpose benefits?


In Afghanistan Par Kia Guzri, an attempt has been made to uncover all the facts so that you can know things that have not come before you.


Our U-turn on Afghan policy has been debated for a long time and will be for a long time. But this is not due to a single event. There is a famous saying that "it is not so difficult to reach peak as to stand there steadfastly”. When the Afghan Mujahideen somehow gained the heights for which they had sacrificed millions of their lives, did they remain steadfast? Distribution of wealth unfortunately becomes a source of conflict among Muslims. Therefore, the discipline of victory over war is of special importance. Our history is filled with many instances when we won in battle and then lost in negotiation.


We have to realize the fact that the powers that started the "Afghan Jihad" wanted to see its end not in our manner but their own consequences. In 1995, I conducted probably the first regular and long interview with General Hameed Gul for a newspaper on behalf of Nawai Waqt. To this day, I have not forgotten the headline that I put on something in response to a question from the General.


The Afghan Jihad split Russia into pieces. Muslim states of Central Asia got freedom and Eastern Europe got freedom from the domination of communism but question is who benefited from these revolutions? We or America? Unfortunately, we only got a flood of refugees, Kalashnikov culture and drugs.

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