Main nay Khawabon ka Shajr Dekha Hay, Umera Ahmad, Novel, میں نے خوابوں کا شجر دیکھا ہے, عمیرہ احمد, ناول,

 Main nay Khawabon ka Shehr Dekha Hay, Umera Ahmad, Novel, میں نے خوابوں کا شجر دیکھا ہے, عمیرہ احمد, ناول,

Main Ne Khuwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai (English I Have Seen the Tree of Dreams) portrays the conniving side of human psyche, which firmly believes that all is fair in love and war. Conceit, deceit, egoism and selfishness play a dominant part in the story as Shumaila, madly in love with her cousin Umar, conspires and creates misunderstandings between him and his wife Sana. What goes around, comes around and Shumaila eventually pays a heavy price for her deceptions. It was first published in Shuaa Digest.

It is a collection of 6 stories including this one; Shehr-e-Zaat, Koi Lamha Khuwab Nahi Hota, Koi Baat Hai Teri Baat Main, Muthi Bhar Mitti and Teri Yaad Khaar-e-Gulaab Ha.

This story is about those individuals who deems that everything in love is fair, even committing evil deeds by wrecking lives or separating two hearts. The lesson it taught by the life of Shumaila is that love never demands selfishness. All it wants is sacrifices, trust, honesty and being happy in the happiness of your beloved. Snatching the love of someone else's life and demolishing their lives in the name of love is just the sign of a weak person.


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