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Friday, November 9, 2018

کتاب الشفاء، قاضی عیاض، Kitab-ul-Shifa, Qazi Ayaz, Kitab al-Shifa

کتاب الشفاء، قاضی عیاض، Kitab al-Shifa, Qazi Iyad

اردو ترجمہ از مولانا عبدالحکیم خان اختر شاہجہانپوری

"Kitab al-Shifa" containing the biography and imageries of Last Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is a famous book written by Qadi Iyad Maliki Andalusian. Qadi was not an ordinary person, but he was characterized by various qualities and perfections, various sciences. And he was a master of arts, Imam of time and sign of age. He was one of the greatest imams, custodians and hadiths and among the best jurists and writers. His dedication in the art of hadith was extraordinary and unparalleled.

Qadi Iyad was also a famous writer along with all these qualities and perfections. Gained fame and credibility and has been popular among the scholars of all times. Al-Dhahabi (1227 - 1348) says that his important writings are discussed all over the world, thanks to them, the name of the author became famous in his homeland. No man has ever written so many books.

One of the most important works of Qazi Sahib is the famous book Kitab al-Shifa on the definition of the rights of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the excellence and importance of which we are going to comment on.


“In the Kitab al-Shifa, the greatness of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his exalted position and position have been clarified in the light of the Holy Quran, Hadith of the Prophet and the sayings of Imams. “It is that you have constantly insisted on me to mention the value and dignity of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), his attributes and praises, his reverence and respect, and to describe the rulings of those who are lacking in these matters. It is a very difficult and difficult task and there is also a fear of slippage in it, but since there is an expectation of reward and Allah's grace and reward from it, and abandoning it is the cause of concealment of knowledge, regarding which a strict promise has been made, therefore I has written this book”


The innovation and rarity of Kitab al-Shifa has been discussed among people of every class and religion and the charm and heart-warming style of its writing has been acknowledged by Qazi Iyad's contemporaries. Sahib Debaj writes that:


“The author's uniqueness, innovation and excellence is a credit to Muslims.”


The author of  Kashf al-Dhanun says:

"This is a very valuable and useful book, such a good book has not been written before.”


It is stated by author of Ruzat that our Companions, i.e. the people of the Imamiyyah section, have also copied many passages from it. In fact, it has numerous benefits, high researches and hadiths related to the circumstances and events from the birth of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to his death. The author has quoted narrations from Akbar Sheikh in it-



Allama Shahabuddin Ahmed bin Yahya says in his book Masalik al-Absar:

"One of the books of Qazi Ayyaz is Kitab al-Shifa on the definition of Huqaq al-Mustafa and no other book has passed down like it"


The importance of Kitab al-Shifa can be projected from the fact that Imam Allama Muhiuddin bin Sharaf al-Nawawi refers to it in places in his Sharh Muslim,  Imam Badr al-Din Aini in Umdat al-Qari and Hafiz al-Hadith Ibn Hajar Asqalani in Fateh al-Bari frequently seems to emphasize their advantages and points in the hadiths. In the hadith commentators, where “Qal al-Qazi” says, Qazi Ayaz is meant. No doubt, researchers and muhaddithians used it and later biographers gave it the status of a source. This book is the light of hearts and the splendor of faith, and why not, when in it the images and virtues of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) are described with authentic and authentic hadiths.


Allama Ahmad Shahabuddin Khafaji says about the virtue of reading Kitab al-Shifa:

“The name of Kitab al-Shifa is in accordance with its name because the Salaf-e-Saliheen say that reading it is the best and most effective action for curing diseases and solving problems, and with the blessing of the Prophet (PBUH), reading this book can prevent drowning. There is relief from the diseases of burning and plague, if the belief is correct, then the intention is achieved.”


Kitab al-Shifa has been blessed with such a position and position that after gaining popularity in the court of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), this book has become a special place in the eyes of scholars and peacemakers of all times. They praised it not only in prose. Rather, in the form of poems and poems, he described its excellence and importance.


As Lisanuddin Khatib says in the form of Talmsani poem:

شفاء عیاض للصدور شفاء

 و لیس للفضل قد حواہ خفاء

"Healing is the healing of hearts and the virtue it contains is not hidden"-


ھدیۃ بر لم یکن لجز یلھا

                                                                 سوی الاجر و الذکر الجمیل کفاء

"This is the gift of a good person whose greatness is rewarded only with reward and remembrance"


و فی لبنی اللہ حق و فائہ

            و اکرم اوصاف الکرام وفاء

"They paid their loyalty to you (PBUH) and the best attribute of the righteous is loyalty"


و جاء بہ بحرا یفوق لفضلہ

علی البحر طعم طیب و صفاء

"They have brought such a sea which is superior to the sea of ​​water and pure and pleasant”


حق رسول اللہ بعد و فاتہ

رعاہ و اغفال الحقوق جفاء

"They have neglected your rights after the departure of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and neglecting your rights is a disgrace."


Hazrat Allama Abu Husayn Zaidi says:

"The book of healing (undoubtedly) is the healing of hearts whose light is fully illuminated by the sun".


The public popularity of Kitab al-Shifa and its importance can also be estimated from the fact that a large group of scholars have written commentaries on it, about 26 of them in total - some of the notable and famous rates are:


·        “Naseem al-Riyaz fi Sharh Shifa al-Qazi Ayyaz”. ( نسیم الریاض فی شرح شفاء القاضی عیاض) (His commentator is Allama Ahmad Shahabuddin Khafaji).

·        Sharh al-Shifa Allama Mulla Ali Qari. (شرح الشفاء  علامہ ملا علی قاری)

·        Al-Madd al-Fayyad (المدد الفیاض)(his commentary by al-Shaykh Hasan al-Adwi al-Hamzawi)

·        Kitab Mazeel Al-Khafa an Ilfaz ul Shifa (کتاب مزیل الخفا عن الفاظ الشفاء)(Compiled by Allama Taqiuddin Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Hasan al-Tamimi)

·        Kitab al-Maqnafi fi hal waqad al-shifa (کتاب المقنفی فی حل الفاظ الشفاء) (Compiled by: Allama Burhan al-Din Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Khalil al-Halabi)

·        Minahl al-Safafi Takhrej Hadith al-Shifa (مناہل الصفافی تخریج احادیث الشفاء) (Compiled by Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti)


Allama Qadi Iyad has arranged Kitab al-Shifa in such a way that he has divided it into four parts:


Part One:

There are four chapters in the statement of the divine sayings in which Allah has honored and respected His Prophet (peace be upon him) in his words and deeds:


Chapter 1: It states that Allah has praised you (peace be upon him) and has expressed the value and status of you (peace be upon him) in His presence.


Chapter 2: It is stated that God has described the birth and morals of you (peace be upon him) and has collected all the religious and worldly virtues in you.


Chapter 3: In it are the authentic and famous hadiths in which the value and status of you (peace be upon you) is mentioned in the divine court, and the qualities that you may have mercy on in the virtues of Darien are described.


Chapter 4: In it, the miracles and signs that Allah revealed from your hand and the special honors that Allah bestowed upon you are his statement.



Part Two:


It contains the description of the rights of you (peace be upon him) which are obligatory on everyone. It has four chapters:


Chapter 1: It states that believing in you is obligatory and obeying you (peace be upon you) and following your Sunnah (peace be upon you) is mandatory. It has four chapters-


Chapter 2: It states that the love of you (peace be upon him) is necessary-


Chapter 3: It states that you (PBUH) must be honored and respected. It has six chapters-


Chapter 4: It describes what is the order of Salat and Salam upon the Prophet (PBUH)-


Part Three:


It contains a description of the things that are permissible for the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the things that are forbidden and the things of humanity that are right for you to compare. Preamble is-


There are two chapters in this category:


Chapter 1: In religious affairs


Chapter II: In worldly affairs


Part Four:


In it, it is stated that what is the order of the one who denigrates and abuses the honor of you (peace be upon him). There are three chapters in this category:


Chapter 1: The issues that are aggressive and insult to the Prophet (peace be upon him)-


Chapter 2: The command of the blasphemer of the holy place and its punishment consists of-


Chapter 3: The commandment of one who abuses the glory of the divine court, the beloved messengers, the angels, the heavenly books(وحی) and Ahl al-Bayt.

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