Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat, Ghulam Ahmad Parvez, اسباب زوال امت, غلام احمد پرویز, اسلام,

Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat, Ghulam Ahmad Parvez, اسباب زوال امت, غلام احمد پرویز, اسلام,

Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat, Ghulam Ahmad Parvez, اسباب زوال امت, غلام احمد پرویز, اسلام,

This question Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat (اسباب زوال امت) was published in the Tolu-e-Islam magazine, but now it is being presented in the form of a booklet.

It is an indisputable fact of the life of this world that the people who put aside their ideals and goals of life, do not behave according to their demands and needs and make continuous sacrifices and efforts to achieve them. It is certain that the page will be erased from the person, just as the lamp is certain to go out after the oil is exhausted.

There is a hadith

"The example of a Muslim and his faith is like a horse tied to a peg, which no matter how much it moves around, but remains within the bounds of its rope."

But we have gone beyond the limit of our rope. We have broken the rope of our religion and transgressed the limits set by Allah Almighty and His Beloved Messenger. There are one and a half billion Muslims in the world at present, but despite this, the Islamic system of life in which they believe is nowhere to be seen. What is the reason for this?

Characterlessness, misbehavior and disobedience are common components: When characterlessness, misbehavior and injustice come collectively in a nation, destruction become its destiny. When we look at the evolution of human life, we see its direction towards collectivism and when they go against nature, forget the law of nature, disobey and disobey, turn away from the principles set by God Almighty and deviate. If they do, they will be caught by God Almighty.

The lowliness and failure of Muslims in the world today, humiliation and disgrace, humiliation and indigence indicate that Muslims have deviated from their ideals and goals of life and are wandering in the darkness of error and ignorance, far away from the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat (اسباب زوال امت) describe that the system of life of every civilized and conscious nation is a mirror of its basic beliefs and ideas, values ​​and traditions, rules and regulations and philosophy of life. It was not accepted as a religion and a complete code of life except for mere verbal claims and hollow slogans of faith.


اسباب  زوال امت, Asbab Zawal-e-Ummat

نام کتاب, Book Name

غلام احمد پرویز, Ghulam Ahmad Parvez

مصنف, Author

Islam, اسلام

Topic, موضوع


صفحات, Pages

01.70 MB

کتاب کا سائز, Book Size

10th 1997, دھم 1997

ایڈیشن, Edition

Tolu-e-Islam Trust, طلوع اسلام ٹرسٹ

ناشر, Publisher

Aalameen Press, عالمین پریس

مطبع, Printers

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